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   Rome College Foundation Scholarship Archives

The Rome College Foundation awards $1,000 grants to Rome area college students. The program was started in 1991 and was called the Mid-Career Incentive Awards. In 2015, the name changed to the Rome College Foundation Scholarship. The awards continue to be based on academic achievement, citizenship, and need. They are awarded to five students who qualify, one each from Utica College, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Mohawk Valley Community College, Hamilton College, and the Utica School of Commerce. Applications available at financial aid offices at these colleges. Past recipients are shown in the following list:

2017 Rome College Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Arica Rudd, MVCC
Jared Smaldon, Utica College

2016 Rome College Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Katherine Stanton, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Tara Allen, MVCC
Andrea Sherman, Utica College

2015 Rome College Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Antoinette M. Dainotto, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Michelle M. Pilgreen, MVCC
Deanna M. Lewis, Utica College
Michael J. Verostek, Jr., Hamilton

2014 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Mandy Perry, MVCC
Jenna Narolis, Utica College
Bianca Johnson, SUNYIT
Michael Verostek, Hamilton College

2013 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Amanda Cutler, MVCC
Alainna Carinci-Clark, Utica College

2012 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Eileen M. Bronson, Mohawk Valley Community College
Brittany N. Westcott, Utica College
Anthony B. Daniels, SUNYIT
Mirra L. Campbell, Hamilton College
Holly A. Carro of the Utica School of Commerce

2011 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Joseph E. Stanton, Jr., MVCC
Holly C. Suits, USC
Brandy Miller, Utica College
Terry L. Wormuth, SUNYIT

2010 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Kal Campbell, Hamilton College,
Christa Bevilacqua, MVCC
Matthew Skavina, Utica College
Miranda Anglin, SUNYIT

2009 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Scott Regan, Hamilton College,
Maranda Beckwith, MVCC
Heather Poland, SUNYIT
Brian Ringrose, SUNYIT

2008 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Laurie Faulkner, SUNYIT
Autumn Campau, MVCC
Ashley Stagner, Hamilton College
Jennifer Stevens, Utica College

2007 Mid-Career Incentive Award Recipients

Seldon Grimes-Przelomiec, Mohawk Valley Community College
Victoria Schacht, Hamilton College
Tricia Barry,Utica College
Laura Nolan,SUNYIT

2006 Mid-Career Incentive Awards Recipients

Erica L. Magoon, Mohawk Valley Community College
Mark E. Greiner, SUNYIT
Dana M. Smith, Utica College
Emanuel Rosario, Hamilton College

2005 Mid-Career Incentive Awards Recipients

Jennifer Cieslewitz, MVCC
Gregory Kimmel, Utica College
Heather Montana, Hamilton College
Lisamarie Richeal, MVCC

2004 Mid-Career Incentive Awards Recipients

James Kennedy, SUNYIT
Megan White, Utica College
Bobbie Race, MVCC
Arlo Storey, Hamilton College

2003 Mid-Career Incentive Awards Recipients

Jarene A.Larson, SUNYIT
Jessica Poczatek, Utica College
Brandi N. Jefferson, MVCC
Ann E. Hapanowicz, Hamilton College

2002 Mid-Career Incentive Awards Recipients

Romona E. Fiaschetti, SUNY IT Utica/Rome
Camille N. Jadoo, Utica College
Joshua M. Dias, MVCC
Ellen M. Jamison, Hamilton College