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  Partnerships, Scholarships, Service, and Recognition

At the annual Student/Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program, the Foundation recognizes students from the NYS School for the Deaf and RFA, along with the Most Influential Educator (MIE) each honoree feels has had the most significant influence on his or her life. Financial grants of $400 are presented to the students.

Students were selected by the administration of each school using the following selection criteria:

  • One of the top senior students academically
  • Strong SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Participation in school and community activities
  • Excellent citizenship qualities.

2019 STAR Recipients

   Abigail Anzalone — MIE   Gloria Broadbent, teacher
   Alen Kendic — MIE  Harry Baran, teacher

   Izabella Rivera — MIE  Melissa Downs, teacher
   Kelly Boyer — MIE  Kristiane Bauer, teacher

NYSSD – Students and their influential educators at the New York State School for the Deaf were among those honored in 2019. From left: Sue Carvelli-Foundation President; Gloria Broadbent-teacher at New York State School for the Deaf and Most Influential Educator of Abigail Anzalone-NYSSD student; Alen Kendic-NYSSD student; Harry Baran-NYSSD teacher and Alen's Most Influential Educator; and Chris Kimball, NYSSD School Counselor.

The RFA students and teachers honored in 2019, from left: Franca Armstrong-Foundation Vice President; Izabella Rivera-Rome Free Academy student; Melissa Downs, RFA teacher, and Izabella's Most Influential Educator; Kelly Boyer-RFA student; Kristiane Bauer, RFA teacher, and Kelly's Most Influential Educator; and Gretchen Sprock-Foundation Past President.